A Declaration of War?

So, if you might remember from a post or two ago, I was freaking out about elections for the executive board where I was running for President against one of the girls in the group that has been dubbed “The Clique” by many. Well, those elections were last night. I did not get the position that I ran for, and instead was nominated for a lower position.

I’m honestly hurt by this, because I’ve found out what was said during the discussion period and a lot of it was attacks against me. These attacks weren’t basic things like “Oh, Bonnie isn’t organized.” No, these were things like “Bonnie is too emotional for this job” or “Bonnie doesn’t have the right personality for this position.” I’ve been struggling with how to deal with discovering these comments for the past twelve hours, and the only way I can think to deal with what I’m feeling is to write about it. Specifically, writing letters to the individuals who I feel attacked me on here. I don’t want to come across as whiny or ungrateful for getting the position that I did, but I’m honestly just so frustrated and hurt that I don’t know what to do otherwise. So, here we go. Here are my *explicit* open letters to “The Clique.”

Let’s start with the person I was running against. Madison, welcome to your letter.

Madison, there was probably nothing that you think you did wrong besides run against me. Wrong. When you went up there and started talking about how you wanted to improve our relationship with our brother hall, you started blurring the line between what was appropriate to talk about and what wasn’t. When you started talking about how “organized” you think you are, that line got blurred just a little bit more. When you started talking about how the business school doesn’t have classes on Fridays and you would have plenty of time to actually serve as President, which was an obvious slam on me because you business students think you’re the fucking greatest thing on this Earth and that all engineering students do is homework (fun fact: while I may have homework, I actually have time to do things like run clubs, while you just take fucking naps), that line got completely erased, obliterated, thrown out the damn window. You think you did nothing. You’re wrong. You started the whole shit storm avalanche by deciding to run against me and by trying to make it look like I would put this job on the back burner. You started a shit storm by conspiring with your friends to try and put me in a bad light, and these bitches are in here later.

Now, onto Chloe and Taylor, people who probably don’t deserve these letters but are getting one anyways, because why the fuck not.

Chloe and Taylor, there’s only one issue that I feel is necessary to bring up here: I thought we were friends. You said things about me in that discussion that my other friends would not have said about me. Bringing up the time commitment that is engineering without having a shred of understanding of my class schedule or my academic style is what lead to everything crumbling. I don’t like people like that. Chloe, you’re a fucking biology major. Taylor, you switched out of engineering to become a nursing student. What the fuck do you know about my class schedule? I don’t talk to either of you on a daily basis, or even a weekly basis, and you don’t see how I study or how much work I actually get done. So, fuck you. Fuck both of you to the moon and back.

Now it’s time for the people who actually deserve to have these letters written for a multitude of reasons.

Berit, welcome to your letter.

Berit, you and Ellie are the one’s responsible for my downfall. Saying things like “Bonnie is too emotional for this position” is the main reason that I didn’t get it, according to other residents. You also pushed for those fucking absentee ballots and conspired with Madison, Alexa, Ellie, and probably Angela to take me down. So, fuck you. Fuck you for feeling so entitled to having who you wanted to be President be the only seemingly “viable” option. Fuck you for never even bothering with getting to know me, even though we’ve known each other for how many fucking years? At least ten? Sounds like you deserve about ten firm fuck you’s. Berit, it was so hard to not punch you in the face today during Organic Chem lecture. I thought I had made it clear that I didn’t want to interact with you when I made a very loud saying how the joke is on all of you bitches because I’m still going to be at every fucking ASHC meeting, with my emotions in toll. I thought I made it clear when I left five minutes before you, even though we normally walk to class together. I thought I made it clear when I put my backpack in the spot that you normally sit. I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to sit somewhere else, but I guess you’re too dense or self-centered to pick that up. Whatever. Fuck you, Berit. You don’t deserve as many fuck you’s as Ellie, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve at least half as many. So, finally, fuck you.

Ellie, I honestly hate fucking everything about your existence. Your hair, your personality, your “leadership style,” just everything about you. Especially your boyfriend. He’s a douche, honey, and you really need to see that. You’re going to be ASHC President next year. Congratulations! You got this position even though there is literally only about ten people in the whole of schol hall land that actually enjoy your company and don’t just fake a smile around you to prevent you from trash talking on them. Yeah, when I was talking about people trash talking on exec members for literally the entire fucking year I was talking about you. Maybe that bleach finally got to your brain? Who am I to know! I’m too emotional to be able to handle information like that. Maybe I shouldn’t be a doctor or a politician (even though I was voted most likely to be President of the fucking United States by the residents in the hall) because I’m too emotional! Oh no! Bonnie has an opinion on something, let’s just say she’s emotional! That’ll fix everything! Nope. Fuck you, Ellie. You think you’re perfect, or that you’re the only one who can sabotage someone’s status in the hall? Think again bitch. Everyone in the hall thinks I’m nice, and if they hear what you’ve done to Jaelyn this past year then you will be destroyed. I’m going to make you my bitch, Ellie, so be prepared for the coming year. I will make sure that we will never interact again, no matter what it takes. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.

Finally, we move onto Cena. Cena, you’re the last letter I think I’m going to write, so be prepared for an entire world of hurt.

Cena, Cena, Cena. Outside of “The Clique,” there isn’t anybody in our hall that actually likes you. It’s not even a secret, it’s just something that you choose to ignore. Well, be prepared, because I’m not going to ignore it any longer. If I see you at dinner during finals week I’m not going to hold back. I’m going to say everything that I’ve wanted to say to you over these past two years without restraint. Who knows what I’m going to say? Am I going to say that you’re a fucking bitch? Am I going to say that you’re a whiner who can’t get over losing to someone who is a nicer person than you are? Am I going to say that you are literally the worst person I’ve ever met? Am I going to say that you’ve made people cry just because you could, just because you were slightly angry about something? Who knows! Maybe I’ll say that you look like a fucking fish. Who knows! So, fuck you Cena. I wish that I could punch you in the face. I wish that I would have said everything that I wanted to say to you to your face last year. I don’t care if you would have sicked your little cronies on me. I’m stronger than you bitches think I am, and I’m not as nice as you think I am either. What does an engineering student do in their free time? Plan to take over the world and destroy their enemies. Fuck you, Cena. You’re going to make a horrid nurse, and I hope that I never see you again.

So, be prepared, ladies, if you can even be called that at this point. I’m a nice person, but when I’m wronged I bring a whole world of hurt. You didn’t just say I wasn’t organized, you insulted my personality and who I am as a person. So, I’ll tear you down until you’re not yourself anymore. Be pre-fucking-pared.

*just a note to anyone reading this: i’m a generally happy person, but this is how i sound in my head when i’m angry and i literally just wrote this down in a fit of rage


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